Activities and events


The 4th working meeting of the OR Steering Committee

The OR Steering committee members met for the first time on December 11 and 12, 2018 in Brussels at the representation office of the French ORs, to begin the work of the Conference under the presidency of Saint-Martin. During this meeting, the presidency presented the program of its mandate, which revolves around overall objectives, who among others, aims at monitoring the implementation of the ORs Communication from the Commission, defending the interests of ORs in the framework of the negotiations on the next post-2020 programming period, the continuation of joint partnerships and activities with ORs and with the Commission in areas of common interest and promoting the external visibility of the Conference.

The Steering Committee meetings continued in January, February and April. These meetings provided an opportunity to identify the state of play and monitor the post-2020 negotiations in the EU Parliament and in the Council. The ORs also continued working on the participation of the ORs in European events such as the European Maritime Day, the Blue Economy Forum and the development of future political positions. In addition, two tripartite working groups with the European Commission, Member States and ORs, have been organized to address several topics of interest such as the blue economy, State aid, European territorial cooperation, the implementation of the Commission’s renewed strategy for the ORs, the LIFE and Erasmus for young entrepreneurs’ programs and many other topics. The Steering Committee will meet again in May.


The Outermost regions at the European maritime day in May in Lisbon

The Conference of presidents of the outermost regions is organising a workshop on May 17 at the Congres Center in Lisbon during the European maritime day. This workshop aims at promoting ORs commitment to support and work towards a sustainable development of sectors related to the sea, based on a greater exploitation of the potential of their maritime areas, through projects and good practices implemented in their regions. This workshop, entitled “Outermost regions: strategic players in the EU maritime policy”, will promote the maritime potential of outermost regions,  a potential that offers them great opportunities for sustainable growth, economic and social development and diversification in sectors such as marine renewable energies, port development, coastal and cruise tourism, fisheries, new technologies and research activities. Sea basins naturally play an important role also, which implies the active role of ORs in regional cooperation policies with neighbouring countries.

Registration to the workshop is now open. If you wish to participate click here.