Steering Committee

Steering Committee


The steering committee implements the roadmap adopted by the Conference. It is composed of senior officials, civil servants and / or similar, of the administration of outermost regions, duly appointed by each president and authorized to represent their region.


Each region designates a full member and an alternate member.

The current members are:


Full member: Celia Azevedo – Regional Director for European Affairs.


Canary Islands

Full member: Julián Zafra Díaz – Director General of Economic Affairs of the EU.



Full member: Cyrielle Cuirassier – in charge of European Affairs in Brussels.


French Guiana

Full member: Alice Colombo – in charge of European affairs in Brussels.

Alternate member: Viviane Tchung-Ming – Head of mission for International Cooperation and Outermost regions.



Full member: Medeiros Gaspar – Chief of cabinet of the President.

Alternate member: Bruno Pereira – Regional Director for European affairs and External Cooperation.



Full member: Maguy Marie-Jeanne – Deputy Directress for External Affairs Coordination and Promotion of Territorial Action

Alternate member: Stéphany Croizet-  in charge of European Affairs.



Full member: Adrachi Velou – in charge of Outermost regions – Directorate of European Affairs.

Alternate member: Michèle Balourd – Directress of European Affairs.


Reunion island

Full member: Candida Aldehuelo – Pole RUP-Cabinet of the President.

Alternate member: François Boullay -Pole RUP- Cabinet of the President.

Alternate member: Anne Sophie Hoarau – Pole RUP- Cabinet of the President.



Full member: Rudya Lake – in charge of European affairs in Paris and in Brussels.


Committee tasks are the following:

  • Preparing the Conference work;
  • Executing mandates entrusted by the Conference;
  • Looking for agreements to reach common positions;
  • Implementing actions within the framework of the objectives defined by the Conference;
  • Coordinating the implementation of technical cooperation actions in areas of common interest.

The commitment of the EU Outermost Regions to cooperate, expressed at its highest level in the Conference of Presidents of the Outermost Regions, is also reflected in documents such as Cooperation protocols, Memoranda and Joint Contributions.