Program Presidency



Safeguarding OR interests

    • Promoting the new OR strategy implementation
      • Monitoring of the commitments made by the European Commission in its 2022 Communication
      • Promotion of an action plan for the monitoring of the new OR strategy
    • Monitoring the European legislative process
      • Monitoring of common interest legislative proposals, in particular:
        • “Fit for 55” legislative package
        • Extension/renewal of the GBER and related tax incentives
        • Tax harmonisation initiatives
      • Promotion and elaboration of joint CPRUP contributions
      • Monitoring of the CoFoE conclusions and next steps
      • Monitoring of the consultative activity by the European Committee of the Regions
    • Strengthening the partnership
      • Encouraging the specific OR involvement in the OR working groups organised by the European Commission
      • Encouraging a regular contact with the “OR Councillors” of the respective Permanent Representations
      • Strengthening the dialogue with MEPs, in particular those from the ORs

Making progress in areas of common interest

    • European Pillar of social rights
      • Promoting next OR Forum focusing on the development of the Social Pillar in the ORs
      • Promoting joint actions under the European Year of Skills
    • Territorial cooperation
      • Promoting fund coordination (ERDF-NDICI)
      • Encouraging the development of genuine European strategies in the relevant OR territorial cooperating areas
      • Encouraging good practice exchange between programmes
    • Tourism
      • Monitoring the development of a European tourism policy ensuring specific arrangements for the ORs
      • Exploring proposals to strengthen OR tourism potential
    • Migration
      • Promoting specific groups (EC, Member States, ORs) on irregular migration

Increasing OR and CPRUP visibility

    • Taking part in European-relevant events 
      • Organising  a seminar on the implementation of the new OR strategy as part of the work of the CoR’s COTER.
      • Identifying new opportunities to present the OR reality and highlight their potential
        • JME
        • EUSEW
        • EURegioWeek
      • Organising a high level political meeting
    • Improving CPRUP communications
      • Updating and maintenance of the CPRUP website
      • Promoting joint dissemination actions

Ensuring the CPRUP performance

      • Ensuring communication and external representation of the CPRUP
      • Coordinating and promoting the work of the OR Monitoring Committee
      • Organising the annual conference in the Canary Islands
      • Ensuring the functioning of the CPRUP Association