The Conference of the Presidents of the ORs and its Energy Network present in Brussels for the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

The ORs participated in the EU Sustainable Energy Week organized in the European capital, from June 17-21.

The ORs, represented by the presidency of the Conference and the coordinator of the Energy Network, took part in the Clean Energy Initiative for EU Islands workshop “Clean Energy Initiative for EU islands initiative: progress and future prospects “.

Mrs. Alix-Laborde, Territorial Councillor in charge of environment of the Collectivité of Saint-Martin as well as Mr. Gonzalo Piernavieja, Regional Deputy Minister in charge of Industry, Energy and Trade of the Government of the Canary Islands, recalled during this session that energy transition in outermost regions constitutes a strong political will for these regions, which all together combine a population of nearly 4.8 million inhabitants.



The objectives and activities of the Energy Network were presented, as well as the various projects implemented in the ORs. They expressed, once more, the OR’s commitment to contribute significantly and actively to this initiative for EU islands and to strengthen the OR dimension for the future.

As highlighted in the ORs Joint Memorandum, it is essential to take into account the particular situation of our regions through tools and programs dedicated and adapted to their specificities in order to support their energy autonomy as well as the diversification of their energy mix.

The OR energy network members took the opportunity to meet and pursue its work. Meetings were also organized with the initiative’s Secretariat, DG Competition and DG Energy (European Commission).