The purpose of the library is to collect and classify the most relevant documents referring to outermost regions. A first classification of the documents was made according to the body from which they came, for example, the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee or the European Parliament, and according to their nature: communications, opinions, resolutions, reports, etc.

Documents adopted by the ORs themselves, such as Memorandums, joint contributions, final declarations, etc., were also collected.

Advanced search allows you to select documents based on the origin of the organization (European Commission, Committee of the Regions …), the wording (topics covered by the document) or words that are part of the title of the document.



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Name Tags Category
Judgment of the Court Judgment, Legal basis, Recurso, Sentencia EU Court of Justice
Opinion of the European Committee of the Regions - Tweards full implementation of the revewed European Strategy for the Outermost Regions Committee of the Regions
COM 2017 623 final. A stronger and renewed strategic partnership with the EU's outermost regions European Comission
Opinion on Communication COM (2012) 287 final towards a partnership for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth Economic and Social Committee
Opinion of the Committee of the Regions on "The outermost regions of the EU in the light of the Europe 2020 strategy" Committee of the Regions
COM 2012 287 final. The ontermost regions of the European Unión: towards a partnership for Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth European Comission
Report on the role of Cohesion Policy in the outermost regions of the European Unión in the context of Eu 2020 European Parliament
Memorandum of Spain, France, Portugal and the OR - A renewed vision of the EU Strategy for OR - A renewed vision of the EU Strategy for OR CPRUP EN
Article 349 and 355 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU Treaties
Presidency Conclusions Brussels European Council - 2009 European council
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